Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My top 3 foundations of 2014!

Being someone who strives for flawless make up look, foundation is key in my opinion to get that WOW factor that every woman loves. After years of wearing make up I've come to learn just exactly what I look for in each and every product I use. For me to repurchase a foundation once using it all up it has to really wow me to the point where I feel I must have it.

Here are my favorite 3 foundations of 2014 that I just couldn't get enough of.. 

1. L'Oreal True Match Foundation

Coverage: Light to Medium 
Consistency: Thin
Rate out of 10:  9.5
Price: £9.99

Being someone who loves a good full coverage foundation I'm usually not one for a foundation with such a thin consistency. However, although this foundation is thin it has a lovely feel to it and has a good amount of coverage and is very build-able to get full coverage in the places you need, WITHOUT caking! Due to the lightweight feel to it and its flawless yet natural finish I found myself reaching for this foundation more often than any other. 

2. Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hour Foundation

Coverage: Medium/Full
Consistency: Medium/Thick
Rate out of 10:  8
Price: £7.99

I absolutely love this foundation as not only does it give an amazing coverage but it its too thick that it feels heavy, in fact its actually surprising how lightweight it feels considering the thickness of it. with just one layer of this foundation you're left with a lovely complexion with a good coverage. However, if you are applying more than one layer i would recommend doing it with thin layers as it can cake-up if your not careful. Does it last 25 hours? I'm not sure about that one as I'm never on the go for that length of time but it definitely lasts all day long! 

3. No7 Instant Radiance Foundation

Coverage: Medium
Consistency: Medium
Rate out of 10: 7
Price: £12.50

When i purchased this foundation I did so not knowing anything about it except the description on the website. Although the product provided the majority of what was listed for some reason I wasn't blown away. It has a nice coverage whilst still giving a natural look however, it did tend to cling to any imperfections I had on my skin as well as move throughout the day in the places i often touch on my face and is definitely one to wear off eventually. BUT if paired with a good face powder it does stay for the majority of the day, I personally pair the foundation with a stay matte powder by Maybelline or Rimmel which then gives my that little extra coverage that I love and helps to keep the foundation in place for longer. 

Fancy buying any of the products mentioned?
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